Do you ever feel like you’re the world’s worse mum?

I do.

Not everyday but some days. It’s usually on the days when I’ve shouted at one or both of the kids. When the house looks like we’ve had a party last month and we haven’t tidied up yet…
Messy kitchen

The days when the baby falls off a slide I thought she was too young to climb…


The days when I hurry the toddler 50 times in a short stretch of pavement. Or when I find the baby eating out of the food recycling bin. The days when I have a play date and I pay literally no attention to playing with the kids. The days when I feel happier, the closer bedtime approaches.

Sometimes it gets the better of me and as soon as they’re asleep I crash on the bed in a pile of tears. Sometimes I can’t even wait that long and I will be talking to them through tears which I hope they cannot see. And yes, on those days I feel like the world’s worse mum.

However, I know deep down that I’m not the world’s worse mum (and nor are you). Sometimes it’s much easier to look at what we’re doing wrong instead of what we’re doing right. And there’s plenty we’re doing that actually make us great mums. Here’s how I know that I’m not actually the world’s worse mum:

I have two seriously happy kids. Sure sometimes the baby is grumpy as hell, and sometimes the toddler will have a tantrum if I give her milk very warm when she only wants it “A LITTLE BIT WARM!!!” But overall my kids are extremely happy


Also I need to remember that I never ever set out to do a bad job, none of us do (that would just be weird). I’m doing my best everyday and even if that’s not always amazing, it’s my best that day.

The fact that my house is a mess is evidence that I play A LOT, maybe too much. But I never make a tidy house a priority.

(Disclaimer: If your house is tidy I’m not suggesting you’re wrong. You, in my opinion are a hero.)

When my baby falls off the slide it also means that I’m raising a pretty fearless baby, and that is a good thing. I don’t want her to be afraid, I want her to learn. She may get hurt sometimes but that’s what babies and toddlers do: they fall and then they get back on with doing it again.

I’m becoming a better mum everyday. I’m not getting worse, I’m learning. And you know the main thing that helps me to be a better mum:

TELLING THE TRUTH. That means when I’m finding it hard I admit it. When I’ve made a mistake I tell the hubby, I even tell the kids. By telling the truth I remember it, I see where I went wrong and what I could do differently. And I also get to see that despite my mistake my kids and husband don’t pack up and leave me, therefore I can’t possibly be the world’s worse mum.

So here’s to all us mums who think we’re the worlds worse. We are not. We are making mistakes but we are the only ones capable of doing our job and loving our kids the way we do. Everyday we do our very best job and even on some days if that’s crap, I guarantee the next day will be better.

Let’s keep telling the truth about our screw ups, our fears, our inner thoughts. Because only then can we realise that they are complete and utter bull.


(If you don’t feel like you can reveal your warts to anyone, feel free to reveal them to me:

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