I don’t care what ‘type’ of mum you are, here’s why

I recently read an article that listed 10 types of mums. I’m sure the blog was intended to be funny but – to me – it came across as horribly judgmental and confirmed what I am often afraid of; that I am being watched and worse: labeled. By some mums anyway.

But then I came to my senses. I closed the blog and opened my laptop. And here I am.

Here is why I don’t give a crap about what ‘type’ of mum any of us are.

Because THERE ARE NO TYPES OF MUM’S! Duh… We are each unique, we bring unique experiences, values and childhood’s. We each had different parents who we are either striving to be like, or trying desperately not to be. Stereotyping mum’s is insensitive, a little weird and needs to stop. As mum’s we need to build one another up, not look to knock down. Respect our own and one another’s ways.

So, I urge us to completely ignore blogs which judge other parent’s. And this goes for offline too. If someone is talking about somebody else’s parenting technique, change the subject. If you feel other’s are discussing your method’s then choose other company. Like Gandhi, we have to be the change we want to see in the world, and I want to see more love.

Let’s stop judging one another. Let’s be kind and supportive. Let’s remember our own mistakes.

And if you read a stupid blog which labels you the “perfect” or “annoyingly fun mum” then please right it off as nonsense and remember this: that nobody has a right to label you. That you are a mother (or father) to at least one person who was chosen to be yours because you are the best person for the job. That anyone judging you, I guarantee has been heavily judged themselves and so too needs your support.

But mainly that you are good enough.

I’ve met a lot of mum’s and we all have the same thing in common: we love our kids the best we can and we are raising them the only way we know how: our way.

We are not designed to be the same so please don’t look at our differences. Look at what we can learn from each other, but more importantly: how we can love and support one another on this incredible (and shit scary) journey of motherhood.

I’m off now to be a fun, sleep deprived, anxious, irritable, slightly passive, sometimes strict mum. In other words, me. Go be you, and enjoy it. You deserve it.

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