The advantages of being a working mummy

Working mummyReturning to work is a tricky decision for us mums. Some find it harder than others obviously. For me, I can’t seem to not work.

I started my own business in 2008 – it was a massive failure, yet I got hooked all the same. I fell in love with building something, earning money, meeting other business owners, learning, failing, succeeding and so on. Basically I enjoyed it. When I became I mum I knew that I didn’t want to work full-time, but I knew I wanted to do something. Something for me, something aside from being a mum.

So now I work part-time alongside my husband, I’m working on creating something for new mums, and I also write… therapeutic stuff like this.

I’ve found benefits of working, mainly for me but some benefits for my kids as well. Here they are, all 8 of them:

1. It gives me more energy. When I haven’t worked, by a Friday I’m craving a break, something that requires my brain to think creatively – and not just “what shall we make our den from?”

When I have worked during the week, I’m more grateful for the time I spend with my girls and I have tonnes more energy when I’m with them.

2. By working I am showing my girls that they too are capable of many things. They can be a decent mum and have outside interests. They can work and still be around for their children.

3. It’s a part of who I am, what I enjoy. I love working and if I deny that side of myself, will I be a better mum? Nope. Being true to who I am is important to me – and how I am as a mum.

4. It gives my husband the opportunity to spend time with the children by himself (without my all-knowing interference). This also helps him to understand why the house is nearly always a mess and why sometimes we have cheese and crackers for dinner.

5. I have something other than the children to talk about with the hubby. Not that children aren’t an interesting topic, I re-tell him every story, every amazing moment and every tricky one each evening, but I also get to share the other side of me, the working one.

6. I get to teach my kids that love isn’t always physically being there. They get to learn that I love them when I am in the house and when I am out of the house. They learn that they are important to me, but not all that I am.

7. I get to bring an extra income into the house. This means we get to buy the occasional t-shirt or a day trip to Puxton. It’s not much but in the wise words of Tesco: Every little helps.

8. When our children grow up and leave for school, university, work, marriage or a cult, I will still have skills that allow me to work.

Disclaimer: I have spent six months being a full time mummy and I’ve absolutely loved it. I do believe there are advantages of being a full-time mum for the children and for us parents. I don’t think either way is better or worse, I only speak of what is best for me (and I’m sure other working mums too).

I’m not a mum who is good at making things, I don’t have bags of physical energy. I am not the world’s best mum. I do my best (as do you) and for me that means being a mum who learns about parenting – and being loving. It means accepting my children always. And for me it means occasionally – and always – working.

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  • Wholeheartedly agree. Going back to work 3 days a week was a lifesaver for me and my 9 mth boy soon got the hang of his childminder. He gets to do so much with her he doesn’t do with me plus gets to be around other littl’uns all day which he loves!!

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